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Who We Are

Kitasuka is a business unit of PT Megaxus Infotech, a leading local game company in Indonesia that has been in operation since 2006. During our 14 years, we have built a wide networks of partnerships with companies across various industries.

In 2020, we started focusing on business acquisition and activation. As an expert in this business, we believe that we are the most suitable partner for you. Our dedicated field force can help you to acquire new channels and expand your businesses in Indonesia market.

Vision & Mission




  1. The best strategic channel partner for business acquisition dan activation
  2. Providing Innovation and Development solutions for every available service
  3. Delivering & Developing Quality of People and creating value for clients and employees
  4. Becoming the bridge for the clients who need to reach, acquire and grow in Indonesia Market
Why us?

Why Choose us?

Professional Team

Superb Financial Condition

13+ Years of Experience

Our Value

Our Value

Grow & Improve Continously

We constantly innovate and developing new things to deliver compelling services to our clients.

Respect & Care

We work together to create a culture that builds respect and care.

Excellent Service

Our experienced team will provide provide our clients and our clients’ customers with the best experiences.

Absolute Integrity

We are open, honest and transparent in all our relationships.

Trust & Team Spirit

We recognize and reward teamwork and shared ideas. We work together to exceed customer expectations and company goals.


  • Market Acquisition
  • Market Activation
  • Merchant Agregator
  • Sales & Training Consultant
  • Man Power Supply
  • Event
  • Market Acquisition

    We served and enlarge your business spread out through the nation. We provide you best field force to acquire merchants and user to become your partner

  • Market Activation

    We also doing "activation market" activity to all (Merchant or User), Provide you the best field force to boost the business results, create the engagement and loyalty

  • Merchant Agregator

    As an aggregator we acts as an intermediary between merchants and payment receivers. Hence, the payment aggregator is referred to as a third party that collects all merchant transactions through one account.

  • Sales & Training Consultant

    We help to create and develop your sales team be stronger. We do the revolutionary training methods due to RESULT and How to set the GOALS or RESULT Minded for them.

  • Man Power Supply

    Full Managed Service

    We will recruit, handle the contract management, HR administration, payroll, and reporting. The employment status of the people will be under us, while they will be working to carry out the tasks for you.

    Recruitment Service

    We will handle the recruitment process, including sourcing, screening, interview and test, and then place the candidates as employees of yours.

  • Man Power Supply

    We will handle and maintain all your needs related to your event campaign. It is set with two kind of services, the first for the man power only (placing in event e.g. SPG, SPB, MD, etc) and the last we do all package including the Event it self to managed by.


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We are trusted by a number of well-known companies


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